Model #2

Second model of the TUbicycle front bike rack.

Model #2

Best for city and touring.



Front Rack specifications:

Material: thin-walled steel tubes, 10×1 mm diameter + details produced by laser cutting

Platform dimensions: 25x25x25 cm. Legs length: 37 cm. Panniers base width: 16 cm.

Matches: 28/26 -inch wheels + rigid/suspension fork

Colour: powder coating RAL 9005 (Black Gloss)

Recommended load capacity: up to 17 kg.

Loading type: from the top and from both sides (place for bicycle side panniers)

Rack weight : ≈ 1,3 kg.

How to install your front rack:

The rack is attached to bicycle at 2 spots:

  1. At the brakes hole on the rigid fork or the hole in suspension fork crown. You can also mount a bike rack at break bosses (this is where cantilever brakes or V-brakes are attached)
  2. By a nut fastener or a quick release skewer to the wheel hub

You set the rack inline by choosing the most suitable hole in the horizontal base of the rack.

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