Model #1.1

We are glad to introduce you new updated rack Model#1

Let’s call it Model#1.1

What’s new in this model?

  • removable dropouts fron the stainless steel
  • we make the rack’s legs a little shorter, which makes the bicycle rack more rigid
  • now you can mount this rack on your standard place on the fork (without rack dropouts)

All the specification is the same as the Model #1 front bike rack:

Material: thin-walled steel tubes, 10×1 mm diameter

Platform dimensions: 25x25x25 cm Legs length: 37 cm

Matches: 28-inch wheels + rigid fork. The maximum distance between the hub axle and the center of the handlebar may be 60 cm.

Colour: powder coating RAL 9005 (Black Gloss)

Recommended load capacity: up to 15 kg.

Rack weight (including clamps set): ≈ 1 kg.


How to install your front rack:

The rack is attached to bicycle at 2 spots:

  1. Handlebar (you will find special clamps in a set for that)
  2. By a nut fastener or a quick release skewer to the wheel hub
  3. Optional. If you have standard rack mount holes on your bicycle fork, you can easily install this rack there, just without rack dropouts

You set the rack height over the wheel by choosing the most suitable hole in the rear wall of the rack.

You set the rack inline by adjusting the legs and choosing the right hole in the horizontal base of the rack.

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