20 inch front cargo rack for your regular bike

Hi guys!

Today we will show you one of the craziest ideas, that were born in our workshop!

A few weeks ago we were inspired with Crust Cargo Fork. It’s an amazing idea! We are really in love with it! But it has one big minus:

It’s very hard to change your regular fork to this cargo fork.

Let’s say: Today i need to deliver something from the market home.  It’s perfect situation, when I can use this cargo fork. But tomorow, I will take a tour with my friends on a 80 km. And I need to change the fork again. From the 20″ cargo fork to my 28″ regular fork. And it’s terrible.

That’s why we made this 20″ RACK, which ATTACH to you regular fork. You just need to take your wheel off and install the rack. It takes 2 minutes. And now you can deliver heavy and big things by your regular bike.

Spend 2 minutes again, and now you can tour with your friends easily and feel the perfect 28inch wheel rolling.

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